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Why am I an author of children's books? 


I never imagined becoming a writer of children's book. It was not a career goal or something I saw myself doing in my future, but after resigning my job working with children who had autism to work at a law firm, I began to miss them.  I would think about the children I used to work with and how much they made me laugh. There was never a dull moment working with autistic children.


One day, I started writing short stories about the kids I worked with. I started the project with a story called, The Beauty In Me, with the goal of removing the stigma surrounding autism and showcasing the positive aspects of having autism.


Later, I decided to write a complete story titled How Emily and Eli Became Friends which depicts the friendship between a little boy, and a girl who has autism.  From there I got the inspiration to explore other types of disabilities and Latino issues inspired by families I work with, such as immigration and leukemia cancer. Some of the stories I wrote come from first-hand experience while other stories required more research.


My ultimate goal with writing children’s books is to spread awareness and promote inclusion. I believe that there are not enough books talking about children with special needs or children affected by immigration. I think education and awareness at this level will greatly contribute to a culture of appreciation for those who are unique.  

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