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Elsie Guerrero is an attorney who advocates for children and the youth. 

She has over ten years of practical experience working with children with special needs. She also worked as a mentor for high school students, many of whom were undocumented or DACA recipients. 


Elsie obtained her Juris Doctorate from the University of the District of Columbia School of Law. While in law school, she served as president of the Law Students for Disability Rights (LSDR) and Latinx Law Student Association (LLSA). Elsie was also a student attorney at the Immigration Clinic, where she focused on children’s asylum law. Her achievement was well received at her law school, which awarded her the Rising Student Leadership Award. In 2020, Elsie was nominated as Latina Influence of the Year by Latina Lifestyle Magazine. 


Along with her Juris Doctor, Elsie also earned her bachelor’s degree in Government (Political Science) with minors in Philosophy and Sociology from Sacramento State University, a Master of Public Administration with a concentration in Judicial Affairs from Golden State University, and a Master of Public Affairs and Practical Politics from the University of San Francisco. 


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