Elsie Guerrero, J.D., MPA.ff, MPA 

Elsie Guerrero is an advocate for children. She focuses on special education law and children's asylum. Elsie also enjoys helping the community to get active in civic engagement and organize charity events to help people in need, specifically the youth. She also organizes webinars and social media live segments to help people learn how to get involved in politics.

Advocacy Training & Workshops 

  • Learn the Vote 

  • How a Bill Becomes a Law

  • How to Speak to your State Representative

  • Exercising Your Voice in Politics 


Training for Parents & Children

  • Knowing Your Rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. 

  • Understanding Children's Asylum 

Building a Park in Puerto Rico

In an effort to support Puerto Rico, Elsie has partnered with Friends of Puerto Rico to build an inclusive park for children. All the proceeds from the book, Puerto Rico: Its Own Land is going towards a grant to pay for supplies and construction to build the park. 

More details on when the park will come soon. 

To donate, please click the button below. Please make sure to make a note that the funds are going towards the park in Puerto Rico. You can also support this by purchasing a copy of the book. 

Puerto Rico.png

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